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Design week Sydney 09 | Both Tom and Hank are presenting at the Design week Sydney. Please click on the links below to get to the individual talks and get detailed information about the talks, the first two are all located at UTS Bld 6 Level 5, Room 570 the third at the powerhouse museum.

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1 August 2009 | 6.30pm | Do Androids dream of electric sheep? 9 out of 10 robots will kill you: Humanoid design for the 21st century
UTD's Professor Tom Barker looks at the future of robots in design via the medium of the movies. Featuring seminal robot movie footage from Westworld, Forbidden Planet, Star Wars, I Robot, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Metropolis, Dark Star, Terminator, Robocop, Modern Times, Blade Runner, Stepford Wives and more.

6 August 2009 | 6.30pm | Living architecture: How to design a digital media facade
Ever wondered how to create a building for a digital city? Now more then ever design professionals have to take on new media skills and understanding. With video footage of the world's most exciting animated facades, this is a hands-on talk about the dos and the don'ts of designing a media facade. Dr. M. Hank Haeusler is the author of Media Facades: History, Technology, Content.

9 August 2009 | 6.30pm | Eat green Design
Tom Barker spent more then 20 years in the UK working on world-acclaimed creative projects, including the London Eye ferris wheel, the sustainable Greenwich Millennium Village, and a Turner Prize short listed interactive artwork with Langlands& Bell. Qualified in design, architecture and engineering, he moved to Sydney in 2008 to develop sustainable affordable housing.


Booklaunch | Media facade - History, Technology, Content, Book by Hank about media facades. It is the world's first ever published book about media facades that presents an overview over the history, technology and content of media facades.
29. July 2009 - Published Arts | Shop 2, 23-33 Mary Street | Surry Hills Sydney | Starts 6.00pm